Macular edema - cause, cure and care

Macular-EdemaCystoid macular edema (CME) is a painless condition in which swelling or thickening occurs of the central retina (macula) and is usually associated with blurred or distorted vision.

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Rhabdosarcoma virus can force you learn Braille

22113Have you heard the name of this dreaded virus who can steal your child's vision? It is Rhabdosarcoma virus a close relative of Herpes Simplex Virus. Learn about it and see whether there is any respite from it.

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Strabismus - don’t leave it for too late

kid_3d_glasses2Is your child suffering from strabismus? Never leave his eyes untreated. Or it may be too late for him to get back his normal vision if he ages beyond 6.

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Possible way to avoid eye removal or enucleation

plaque-brachytherapyTreatment for eye cancer depends on the type and how advanced it is. Options include surgery, radiation therapy, freezing or heat therapy, laser therapy and systemic chemotherapy. Surgery has become less common and radiation therapy has grown in popularity as a treatment option.

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Advancement in Cataract surgery promises better eyesight than ever

Various aspects of the surgery for age related cataract have changed substantially in the past five years. Patients who previously wore glasses may no longer need them after cataract surgery

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New Glaucoma treatment help avoid delays in surgery

Patients of open-angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and preoperatively acute angle-closure glaucoma are no longer required to suffer from surgery delays due to high intraocular pressure(IOP). Diamox, X-GEN Pharmaceuticals has devised a new adjunctive treatment for lowering IOP. Full article »

Speedy recovery can be achieved by day eye surgery

Audit Scotland's recent report shows that increased use of day surgery involving no overnight stay in hospital could save £8m a year by benefiting the eye patients with speedy recovery and efficient usage of National Health service resources.

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