Cone rod dystrophy - stem cells have an answer to it

rodcellMany people may say that you have to find ways to bear with Cone Rod Dystrophy (CRD) or Rod Cone Dystrophy (RCD), and have to find solace in darkness of this world. We say YOU can have a cure. YES, stem cells find cures for CRD and RCD.

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Born blind hoping to see the world through stem cell treatment

Born blind, Lawrence E. Brown III plans to undergo stem cell therapy procedure in China to see the world again.

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Stem cell treatment is the only hope for a 8 year girl’s obvious blindness

If you've got a child and you have a disease and there's nothing for it in this country and you're desperate, this is the situation where any mother would take any damn chances to cure her child's illness, believes, Dr. Paul Sanberg, a professor and stem-cell researcher at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

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