New ground breaking eye treatment that can delay AMD and restore blindness

Prof-John-MarshallEminent senior ophthalmologist at King's college London, professor John Marshall, who was famous for leading the way to find the laser eye surgery procedure to cure short sightedness, yet again successfully established a new laser technique which could prevent blindness effectively.

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American ophthalmologist performed free cataract surgeries in Vietnam

As soon as he left Vietnam, he wanted to go back again. This was the feelings of Dr. Robert Clark, an ophthalmologist with offices at the Woodland Health Center west of Brighton, after returning back from Vietnam trip.

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Advanced methods of cataract surgery reduces infection rates

cataract-surgeryIn the past years aged people with blurry eyes avoided cataract operations because it often led to some serious infections like endophthalmitis which involves inflammation of intraocular cavities.

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