Glaucoma cure drug detained in the Alcon Lab

alcon_gpas-760x593Recently the Eye-care giant Alcon Laboratories is shelving a long-studied drug that initially had been considered promising for treating age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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Eye inflammation if untreated can cost your vision

eyeInflammation of eyes are very common eye condition that we had have experienced at some point of our life. At some point, it seems to be harmless and we get away without any treatment. But friend, it is not the case everytime. Can you take a risk with your vision?

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Eye stress - get rid off it in 7 moves

eye-stress-itemDO you feel your eyes burning after three- four hours stressful sessions working in front of your PC at office? Or do you feel the same entrapped in a messy traffic jam? You know why? Your eye is stressed. It has serious effects not only on your eye but your mental health. Here are some master strokes for you to get a respite.

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Retinal vein occlusion brings sudden darkness to your world

retinal-vein-occlusionRetinal vein occlusion occurs when the circulation of a retinal vein becomes obstructed by an adjacent blood retina. Swelling and ischemia (lack of oxygen) of the retina as well as glaucoma are fairly common complications.

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Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is determined to save eyes of villagers

Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital is setting up clinics in remote villages to enable accessibility of quality eye care to villagers and people living in remote areas.

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Computer eye syndrome is alarming: beware geeks

12904-clipart-picture-of-a-frustrated-desktop-computer-mascot-cartoon-characterComputer eye syndrome is something very common to most of us who have to work in front of the computers for several hours, at a stretch. We can't keep out ourselves away from computers, at this recession market, as it might make loose our jobs. But can we put our eyes at stake?

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Will you let marijuana to cure your glaucoma?

938-022marijuana-postersMarijuana (Cannabis) has been in the fore front of the newspaper headlines of late. Scientists and the medical practitioners are demanding the liberalization of the Marijuana Act, since it has been found that Marijuana cures many diseases esp. eye, stress etc. But the State and lawyers are foreseeing the danger which may cause a huge disaster to the society. The FDA is still in a dilemma. What is your pick?

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Aging eye care - the top 10 ways

low-vision-and-agingIs your age nearing 50s? Checkout the top 10 best ways to get resist the aging problems of your eye. Full article »

Eye condition and eye disease- Know the difference

CB011723Do you find yourself confused hearing to these two terms - EYE CONDITION and EYE DISEASE? We can assure you that you wont need to go any further and just scroll down. Leave your comments after reading through the article, if it helps you to find a respite from your age old confusion.

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Glaucoma - do you feel the pressure in eyes?

ts020014Glaucoma is the most common disease of eye after cataract. Many of you must be waiting to know this disease in a more detailed manner, and ofcourse in simpler language which often other medical journal articles would not provide you. So in next few minutes browse down the lines, and get to know what glaucoma is? Therefore from the next time onwards you dont mix up with the basic concept regarding glaucoma.

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