Cataract surgery gets new move with DisCoVisc

woeh_appliedCataract surgery gets a new type of surgery in the form of DisCoVisc. It is promising to be complication free as compared to existing surgeries. But is it better than Healon Surgery?

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Cataract surgery now promises vision clarity

kid-with-cataractMore than 3 million Americans are affected from cataract and undergoes surgery to get only a below average vision. Here is a new technology that promises to gift you a perfect clarity, after you undergo a cataract operation.

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Congenital amaurosis vanishes through gene therapy

fe_pr_bh_pioneers_bennettmaguire185x278A 9-year-old Italian boy who once used a white cane, now plays soccer for the first time in his life. This has been made possible by the miracle worked by a joint venture of Jean Bennett and Albert Maguire.

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Eye stress - get rid off it in 7 moves

eye-stress-itemDO you feel your eyes burning after three- four hours stressful sessions working in front of your PC at office? Or do you feel the same entrapped in a messy traffic jam? You know why? Your eye is stressed. It has serious effects not only on your eye but your mental health. Here are some master strokes for you to get a respite.

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Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital is determined to save eyes of villagers

Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital is setting up clinics in remote villages to enable accessibility of quality eye care to villagers and people living in remote areas.

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Aging eye care - the top 10 ways

low-vision-and-agingIs your age nearing 50s? Checkout the top 10 best ways to get resist the aging problems of your eye. Full article »

Infant eye diseases that tops the lists

ad0eece9cb5289aa2cc43dc16a07f015-grandeThis is a report on infant eye diseases compiled from a discussion of Dr. Lawrence M. Kaufman, MD, PhD. He specifically discusses about the eye diseases that developsĀ  commonly in infants which might be of great help for the parents of newborn babies. It will surely make you aware about the diseases and their possible treatments as you read through.

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There is only one proven treatment for cataract

cataractIf you surely wanted to get rid of your cataract then the only one sure and successful way to do it is to remove or extract it surgically and the lens is also required to be replaced by a artificial clear new one.

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Presbyopic’s prefer Intraocular lens than eye glasses

lens-implantationPreviously Intraocular lens (IOL) did not find widespread acceptance among Presbyopic's. But on and from 1970s, it slowly entered into the lime light when further developments in lens design and surgical techniques had come about. At present more than one million IOLs are implanted annually in the United States.

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Want cataract free eyesight? Just spare 10 minutes

cataract-surgeryMost of our grandparents and respected senior citizens complain of cloudy vision. They cannot see clearly due to the glare from sunlight and headlights. They face enough problem to read small prints. They also need to change eye glasses frequently.

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