New easier procedure for glaucoma treatment

Dr. Nalini Madiwale, an ophthalmologist with Albany-Troy Cataract & Laser Associates, claimed to have found a new type of treatment for glaucoma called canaloplasty. In the process, doctors make the internal drainage canal wide by passing a fiber-optic tube through it, like a stent, and injecting a soft gel substance in it to reopen the system without creating an artificial pathway.

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Canaloplasty offers minimal invasive surgery for glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition involving progressive damage to the optic nerve that can eventually lead to blindness. This is a very common problem world wide.

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Canaloplasty: New Procedure To Treat Glaucoma

Kathy Coffman was diagnosed with glaucoma in her 20's. Medicine stopped working for her. But now , she visualizes a bright future for her. Thanks to Canaloplasty, she has experienced an improved vision.

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