Acute angle closure glaucoma - can make you blind

Glaucoma is a familiar name among eye diseases. So lets discuss about a typical type of glaucoma in this edition.

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New Glaucoma treatment help avoid delays in surgery

Patients of open-angle glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, and preoperatively acute angle-closure glaucoma are no longer required to suffer from surgery delays due to high intraocular pressure(IOP). Diamox, X-GEN Pharmaceuticals has devised a new adjunctive treatment for lowering IOP. Full article »

Timely Treatment Can Help To Cure Glaucoma

The recent treatment of the acute-angle closure glaucoma of the Gov. David Paterson has drawn attention of the people. The incident seemed to draw the mass attention to the importance of the early detection and treatment of this disease. Glaucoma, if detected at the early stage, can be treated.

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