World eye center opening largest eye hospital branch in Ankara

World eye center claimed that its 13th branch, at Ankara, Turkey is the largest private eye hospital of the world.

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Lasik ads must be associated with possible risk factors: Warns FDA

Laser-eye-surgeryFDA warns that advertisements of Lasik surgeries should not be misleading and have to be truthful regarding associated risk factors.

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50 questions for your Lasik surgeon before trusting him blindly


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Top Ten facts you must know about LASIK eye surgery

Tired and bored of wearing glasses and contact lenses? Want to be free from the daily hazards?  you can go for a LASIK surgery.

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Indian eye hospital launched bladeless Zyoptix lasik technology for corneal surgery

Lotus Eye Care Hospital (Coimbatore, India) launched this 1.5 crore equipment to treat conical cornea and corneal transplant with a 100-percent blade-free technology. It is a fully integrated personalized correction system that helps patients achieves better quality vision.

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FDA approves topical eye anesthetic-Akten

Akorn Inc today reveals about the approval of new topical eye anesthetic by Food and Drug Administration.

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Postoperative IOP measure helps predicting success of combined cataract, glaucoma surgery

Recent study shows that early postoperative IOP (Intraocular pressure ) can help in predicting the success rate of combined cataract and glaucoma surgery.

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Glaucoma Can Be Cured By Motogenol - A Natural Formula

Dr. Robert Steigerwalt, Jr. and his associates, discovered a new natural product (Mitrogenol-TM) which claims to reduce the intraocular pressure of the eye. Full article »

Glaucoma Patients Needs Full Evaluation Before LASIK Surgery

Glaucoma patients must go for thorough assessment of visual functional status, corneal thickness, optic nerve status, and a thorough family history, before opting for any refractive procedures- say the experts at a discussion at the East Coast Glaucoma Symposium in New York.

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Photorefractive Keratectomy With Femtosecond Laser Shows Excellent Results

Penetrating keratoplasty using a femtosecond laser to create surgical incisions in a zigzag pattern appears bio-mechanically stable, according to a study by researchers in California published in the December issue of Ophthalmology.

Patients treated with the technique showed "excellent" wound closure and integrity, and had only moderate astigmatism within a few months after operation, the authors noted.
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