Popular dietary supplement may help prevent cataract

cataractLONDON - Evidence from tissue culture experiments show that popular dietary supplement carnosine may help prevent and treat cataracts, which is a leading cause of vision loss worldwide.

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Corneal arcus is prevalent among diabetics

images-image_popup-ans7_arcus_senilisAn eye condition picked up in annual eye exams can aid early identification of a variety of other health conditions, according to a new study released by VSP

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Deep sclerectomy in combination with cataract surgery cures glaucoma

kremer zaccheiA study tells that majority of glaucoma patients who received combined deep sclerectomy and cataract surgery maintained a lower IOP at nearly 10 years follow-up with a minimum number of complications.

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Computer eye syndrome risk increases 8 folds if you are woman over 40

75165726Women over 40 are eight times more likely than men to suffer with dry eyes. But no matter your gender, if you spend a lot of time at the computer the condition can become worse. Thankfully there are some modifications, medications and even surgeries that can help. Full article »

How much your employer pays for your eye care?

employer_groupsUnder half of UK employees who work with computers are making use of their eye care entitlement in approximately two thirds of UK workplaces according to new research conducted by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare department.

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Eye specialist Dr. John Eigenbrodt and his EVC

officeIts a story of a boy who saw himself treating people's eye in future. The boy is now none other than Dr. John Eigenbrodt, a name in eye care.

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Retinal imaging finds a new advancements in CirrusÂ

Pima Eye InstitutePima Eye Institute, which provides specialty eye care to the Southern Arizona community, announced today that it has acquired advanced new imaging technology from Dublin, CA based Carl Zeiss Meditec that can help identify early signs of glaucoma and retinal diseases more effectively than other imaging or diagnostic tools.

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Lucentis promising hopes for retinal vein occlusion in Phase III trial

6556611700324611Genentech, Inc. announced recently that the Phase III study BRAVO showed Lucentis (ranibizumab injection) improved vision, as measured by the primary endpoint of mean change from baseline in best-corrected visual acuity at six months, in patients with macular edema due to branch retinal vein occlusion.

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8.45 million cataract eye rectified in China

cataract-surgeryThe Ministry of Health, China, claims today that the country has provided surgeries for 8.45 million cataract patients so far. Among the total list of cataract patients China in the last 20 years up to 2008, conducted 840,000 free treatments.

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Macular degeneration now restricted by lucentis treatment

corasladeapex_468x656Caroline Tate of Charlotte can see her grandchildrens' faces, and enjoys the gift of vision that Lucentis has given her. In 2005 she was diagnosed to have macular degeneration. Read the success story of a brave woman who was determined to fight it out.

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