Lasik treatment there to free your eyes from glasses

bennyspectacle050530aLasik eye surgery has become a viable alternative to contact lenses and glasses for young adults. It gives them a chance to experience near-perfect vision without the hassle of contact lenses and glasses.

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Computer eye syndrome risk increases 8 folds if you are woman over 40

75165726Women over 40 are eight times more likely than men to suffer with dry eyes.┬áBut no matter your gender, if you spend a lot of time at the computer the condition can become worse.┬áThankfully there are some modifications, medications and even surgeries that can help. Full article »

How much your employer pays for your eye care?

employer_groupsUnder half of UK employees who work with computers are making use of their eye care entitlement in approximately two thirds of UK workplaces according to new research conducted by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare department.

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Computer eye syndrome is alarming: beware geeks

12904-clipart-picture-of-a-frustrated-desktop-computer-mascot-cartoon-characterComputer eye syndrome is something very common to most of us who have to work in front of the computers for several hours, at a stretch. We can't keep out ourselves away from computers, at this recession market, as it might make loose our jobs. But can we put our eyes at stake?

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Esotropia (funny eyes) - are you sure that your high myopic eye doesn’t have it?

eso_ex_02Are you suffering from short sightedness for a long time? A recent survey claims that prolonged high myopia may lead to esotropia or misalignment of your eye.

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Intrastromal ablation an advancement in lasik eye surgery

figure-1With the advent of intrastromal ablation technique lasik eye surgery finds a new dimension. It has added something like an insurance policy against the risks involved in any type of surgery. But with the development of femtosecond techniques and intrastromal ablation things are potent to be revolutionized. Moreover it will provide the patients to gofor it since it is safer than before.

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Optical ocular tomography - new coherent wave in ocular diagnosis

stratusoctThe advent of the most recent diagnostic technique using a coherent light waves promises to revolutionize eye condition study or detection. It is compared to that with the ultrasound sonography in some ways or the other but a small technical difference. In the later sound waves are utilised for detection while in case of Optical Ocular Tomography coherent light waves are used.

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Top 10 eye problems with children that parents must know

lazy-eye-or-amblyopiaVision problems can easily go undetected with kids because children assume that everyone sees the same way they do. About 20% of kids entering kindergarten has undetected vision conditions.

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Ortho-k may help irredicate myopia or nearsightedness : claimed eye specialist

It won't be great if your nearsightedness could be cured while you are sleeping? the procedure that help irradicate myopia or nearsightedness is called orthokeratology, or ortho-k.

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Most of the mentally retarded children suffer from eye disorders

mentaly-retardedA number of studies conducted by ophthalmologists and social workers on mentally retarded children in India showed that nearly 50 percent of them are plagued by several occular problems.

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