Zyoptix brings Advanced version of Lasik in Kolkata, India

The latest in vision correction technique is now available in the city. Superseding LASIK (Laser in Situ Keratomileusis) comes the Zyoptix — a more advanced version of LASIK — which can cure not only refractive errors in the eye, but also optical aberrations. Himalaya Vision Care Centre (HVCC) is pioneering this technique in Eastern India.

Zyoptix allows the optician to examine each eye for previously undetected problems like aberrations, and thereby customise the treatment for not only each individual but for each eye as well. ‘’Zyoptix will allow us customise the treatment for each individual’s unique problems,’’ explained Dr Ajanta Sinha, an optician with the HVCC.

Such customised corneal correction will be available for patients at the cost of Rs 26,000 for both eyes. However, according to opticians, not all are eligible for such treatment.

Zyoptix is also risk free for patients. Dr Divyesh P Shah, another optician with HVCC, explained, ‘’It is a completely safe procedure. But this procedure can cure only distance vision in individuals above the age of 40. For reading purposes, they will continue to need spectacles.’’

The new project has cost Himalaya Vision Care Centre Rs 1.8 crores. With this new vision correction technology, the company expects a payback in approximately four years.


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  1. mosh Says:

    I want to know which LASIK centres are best in kolkata,india and how much it will cost me to have a custom wavefront or Traditional LASIK?

    My glasses: -6, -6.5, astigmatism 1.5.
    Any kind information will be a life saver.

    with regards,


  2. Angsuman Chakraborty Says:

    Cost of the Lasik treatment by Zyoptix 100 is around Rs.35,000.
    Regular Lasik Treatment (not in Z-100) will be about Rs 22,000.

  3. Angsuman Chakraborty Says:

    It is hard to say which one is better. As for surgical procedures IntraLase is better than normal LASIK because of greater accuracy (with laser) in creating the flap.

  4. vishu Says:

    i have -16 d contact lenses..
    what are the options before me?…lasik/c-lask zyoptics.. or phakic and costs involved

  5. Angsuman Chakraborty Says:

    You need to contact your opthalmologist for this. We do not provide specific medical advice.

  6. Miraan Punjabi Says:


    I am 18 years of age and my Left Eye is SPH: - 1.75, CYL: - 1.75 and my Right Eye is SPH: - 2.50, CYL: - 0.75. I would like to get rid of my glasses permanently, what is the best treatment to get my vision corrected perfectly and if so, then can it be done at my current age (18 yrs.)
    Any cost related information will also be really helpful.


    Miraan Punjabi (miraan786@hotmail.com)

  7. Geraldine Says:


    I’d like to know a good hospital in Kolkata where my younger sister could get the zyoptix surgery done. I have already done the surgery in Bangalore and its been sucessful. I want her to get rid of her specs. Pls help.


  8. Amir Says:

    Hi Geraldine,
    Can you please tell me where did you get it done in Bangalore. I am very eager to get it done here, just can’t decide as to where, please mail me at amir.rizvi20@gmail.com [www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=mailto:amir.rizvi20@gmail.com] . Thanks in advance.

  9. bibek Says:

    i am a guy of 20yrs from kathmandu and i have defect of -2 on bothe eyes. i want to know how much cost will it take and which ll be the nearest place for me?? plez reply soon.

  10. Sumit Ghosh Says:

    I have got -12.75 (myopia) in my both eyes. My age is 35. Can anybody (preferably doctor) suggest me where can I undergo for zyoptix/lasik surgery in Kolkata. How much does it cost. Which one will be better for me, zyoptix or lasik?

  11. C. A.-T. Says:

    Is that method available in GREECE ?
    Thank you

  12. gourab Says:

    plz give best lasik center at kalcatta,india…im a bangladeshi,i dont know which one r the best….please help me to give the address of best lasik center @ kalcutta….on my mailling address…..gourab_cmc@yahoo.com [www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=mailto:address.....gourab_cmc@yahoo.com]

  13. Arnab Ghosh Roy Says:

    I am Arnab, I will be in kolkata in 6Feb- 15Feb I want to do my zyoptic operation for eyes and my eyes power for last 7 years are same -6 for both. I want to know the cost and how long it will take and do I need any medication after operation

  14. Akter Says:


    I want to have Lasik surgery for my sister for both of the eyes but doctor here is saying that her thickness of cornea is to narrow to do lasik for a power of -8(right) or-10 (left). Please suggest if this is possible at your hospital and how much will it cost and how many days have to stay in the hospital etc. Please provide information as details as possible.

    Thank you

  15. Buddhadeb Dey Says:

    I want to know the addresses of your Lasik Treatment Centre at Kolkata with phone number and name of the contact person.

  16. amitava Says:

    Hopefully following information may help you—
    Dr.Divyesh Shah, eye catalyst, Himalaya Vision Care Centre, Rashbehari Avenue Kolkata.

  17. Shiladitya Tapas Kumar Mukherjee Says:

    Why isnt that Himalaya Opticals at Bowbazer & Rashbehari Avenue doesnt have an e-mail ID of themselves.
    Could I have Dr R.B.K.Chatterjee of Himalaya Opticals get in touch with me urgently on my e-mail for a serious discussion.

  18. amitava Says:

    I have found the following links for you,
    https://www.himalaya-opticals.com/outlets/index.html#1 [www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=www.himalaya-opticals.com/outlets/index.html#1]
    himalayaopticals@airtelbroadband.in [www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=mailto:himalayaopticals@airtelbroadband.in]

  19. Atanu Dey Says:

    I am a 30 years old person.I have a vision of right eye: -6.0 and left eye: -4.5 .Recently i got a job offer from on of reputed PSU of our country.But in medical test they make me unfit as for them eligible criteria is max -4.0. I have changed my last power on 15/03/09 after five years.
    Pls let me know can I go through the operation to reduce it less than -4.0 and got hold of the job.

    Atanu Dey

  20. Arghya Guha Thakurta Says:

    I am 18 years old.I have -6.5 D in both eyes. I want to opt for lasik so that i can get rid of my specs permanently.I want to do the surgery in Kolkata.What are my options?Can you please inform me about the cost for the procedure

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