World eye center opening largest eye hospital branch in Ankara

World eye center claimed that its 13th branch, at Ankara, Turkey is the largest private eye hospital of the world.

Itcost at least 30 million dollar to built up the 15, 000 square meter, 18-story smart building. The Titanic hospital will offers the latest in eye care technology and equipment. With its unique architecture, quality service, and experienced medical staff Ankara Hospital strives to provide its patients with outstanding service and an excellent experience.

World eye center promises that the new hospital ready to serve with state of the art eye care equipment including general operation rooms, lasers, and medical equipment to diagnose diseases of the eye.

Ankara World Eye Hospital has 19 different departments according to age group and medical condition.  The aim of the organisation is to give VIP treatment to each and every patient.

The hospital offers in house restaurant meals with food from around the world, valet service, and free wireless internet access. Government officials, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, were also among the first patients treated.

Ankara World Eye Hospital is specializes in cataract surgery, photodynamic treatment, aesthetic eye surgeries, diplopia treatments, and argon laser and retinal detachment surgeries, and obviously patients will be able to grab latest laser vision correction technology.

And…. well….please ask me not about the cost factor, I will suggest you to just dream about a luxurious cruiser, and about free eye checking and surgery bla..bla for poor people?…. at present I don't have any data regarding that, but hopefully looking forward to find out some help and space for the poor within the 15,000 sq meter area of the hospital and would love to declare this largest hospital as the greatest eye hospital of the world.

However, data claims that the World Eye Center group in 2009 cared for 30,000 foreign patients from Europe especially from Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavian countries, and we have already mentioned that Prime Munister and Government officials are treated here.

Source: PRNews


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