Why pregnant women should not go for Lasik surgery?

Lasik is one of the most popular eye surgeries worldwide. The treatment in many cases promises a life free from glasses and lenses.

But everybody is not always eligible for the treatment. For example the pregnant women are not eligible for the surgery. They must postpone their lasik eye surgery in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Refractive instability during pregnancy and lactation hinders the ability of the Lasik surgeon to determine actual vision problems.Under the environment of fluctuating vision, an inaccurate assessment of your refractive state can result in an inaccurate Lasik surgery procedure. Patients who elect to have Lasik in pregnancy may experience overcorrection or undercorrection once hormonal online learning course returns to the body.

Pregnancy can also cause dry eye conditions.Prescribed medications are another concern for potential Lasik patients who are pregnant or nursing. As part of the process, patients are required to take antibiotics and steroid eye drops before and after the Lasik procedure.

Pregnant women should postpone laser eye surgery until vision has stabilized.Instead,one should go for the surgery after at least two months after you have stopped breastfeeding.Patients should also wait six months to conceive following laser eye surgery.

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