Warwick University have Developed Revolutionise Eye Diagnostics Gadget

A new Device to make it much easier to diagnose some of the eye diseases which cause blindness is being developed at Warwick University.

This new digital ophthalmoscope can provide both doctors and high street optometrists with a hand-held eye disease diagnosis device equal to the power of bulky hospital-based eye diagnosis cameras.

It will also give optometrists the ability to email detailed eye maps of patients to specialist eye doctors.

The new digital ophthalmoscope was developed from a three-year research partnership bringing together the University of Warwick, ophthalmoscope manufacturer Keeler Optics, City University and University College London.

It uses a combination of specialist lens digital imaging and lighting technology which for the first time allows a high quality digital image to be captured and recorded by an ophthalmoscope.

University of Warwick research Professor Peter Bryanston-Cross has also been able to apply software used to stitch together detailed map images to assemble the captured images from the digital ophthalmoscope.

This provides a map of the eye equal to the field of view and resolution of the large 'Fundus' cameras typically used in hospital settings to examine eyes.

The new digital ophthalmoscope would also be around 10 times cheaper than a Fundus camera.

This technology will be a powerful tool in the hands of specialist eye doctors, but it will also revolutionise eye care on the high street.

Link [www.innovations-report.de/html/berichte/medizintechnik/bericht-80159.html]


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  1. FOURIE Marielle Says:

    auriez vous le comparatif de ce nouvel instrument avec un skiascope ou un autorefractor employ� sous cyclo? merci d’avance!

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