Two Minute Laser Refractive Surgery to Put Away Eye glasses

One of the most advanced eye correction technologies (LASIK) - which eliminates or reduces dependency on glasses - is now available in Kenya.

The laser refractive surgery (known in USA as LASIK) means that people using glasses to correct eyesight can resort to their naked eyes once again and for life. This is after undertaking a two to five minutes procedure to correct their eye problem be it near or farsightedness or astigmatism - a condition in which the cornea of the eye is asymmetrically curved, causing distorted vision.

According to Dr Mukesh Joshi, the medical director of of Laser Eye Centre at Sarit Centre, which also introduced the technology to Kenya, refractive surgery has worked in 50 countries worldwide, where over two million people have already benefited from it.

"This is a relief for people in Eastern and Central African region, who have always have had to travel to Europe, United States or South Africa for the surgery," said Dr Mukesh, during the installation of the surgery machine in Nairobi last month.

Dr Mukesh says "People wear eye glasses because their eye lenses and cornea cannot focus the light at the retina of the eye, where the final focus of the rays of the light occur and are then transmitted to the brain. The external lenses in the eyeglasses are therefore used to refract the light from a given focal length, to allow it land at the retina as expected".

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9 Responses to “Two Minute Laser Refractive Surgery to Put Away Eye glasses”

  1. thomas mokake Says:

    Please kindly give me Dr. Mukesh Joshi e-mail address at Laser Eye Centre Nairobi, Kenya. I need to contact him immediately.
    Thank you for the assistance.
    sincere regards,
    Thomas Mokake
    DR Congo

  2. Angsuman Says:

    He works at Kikuyu eye unit.

    Kikuyu Eye Unit
    Situated at Kikuyu Hospital just outside Nairobi, has excellent services for screening and treatment of eye problems. They also have a workshop producing eye glasses and lenses at a subsidised price. Kikuyu Eye Unit works together with eye units at Kwale and Sabatia. Tel: 0154 32852

    I think you should contact here.

    I am not aware of his email.

  3. Imrana Says:

    Dr. Mukesh Joshi is situated in Nairobi at the Sarit centre in Westlands.
    His contact details are +254204449487/8
    or e:mail on [] .
    He is an excellent surgeon and ophthalmologist.

  4. Isaiah Andebe Esipisu Says:

    Iam the auther of the above story and Iam delighted that it made sence ti you all. For Mr. Thomas Mokake, the email contact of Dr. Joshi is You can also contact me on
    or 254-734-578092. Thanks for your support.

  5. Isaiah Says:

    Contact Mukesh on 254 735 678870. He is a good doctor based in Westlands shopping centre of Nairobi, at the Sarit centre chopping complex, third flow.

  6. Erick G.Njiru Says:

    Hi Isaiah,am quite impressed with your publication and would wish to spruse it up by letting you aware that their is a company that deals with the specific machines,actually more advanced in their applications than what dr.Joshi is using which we as a company are dealing in.We actually are representing the company that sold him that machine but are now having a whole new range of products as additionals with more versatility in thier applications and results.For more information please cntact me on +254-721 520 883/20-6751319 or you can visit our website on [] .
    Hope will be hearing from you or your readers soon.

    Kind Regards,

  7. Henry Adonyo Says:

    I would like to make contact with Nairobi Laser Centre. I have eye problem and I would appreciate a response soon.

  8. ketan halai Says:

    please get me updated because i am come for check up. on 11\108.thank you

  9. Priscilla O Says:

    I tried going to your website at the above given URLs, but to no avail. Please direct me to Dr Joshi or any info about consultation and prices. I think LASIK is my only option at the moment. Congrats for the good job!

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