Trusted LASIK Surgeons launches its premier directory service

Trusted LASIK Surgeons launched the revolutionary Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory service and website. The website can be found at .

The scientists have done an excellent screening process ensuring that only those who are among the best in LASIK Eye Surgery, Laser Surgeons in the United States are listed. The Trusted Surgeons announced today that David Huang, M.D., PhD has joined the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory, an online consumer resource for people looking to improve their vision.

Of the many qualifications that distinguish Dr. Huang from most other LASIK eye surgeons, his extensive research, teaching and inventions stand out. He has served as an investigator for 2 FDA studies concerning LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures and as the principal investigator in 4 National Institute of Health research grants.

It can be added that the directory service, is is a premier of its kind. Trusted LASIK Surgeons uses a unique screening process where each prospective LASIK surgeon must meet the minimum required qualifications set by Trusted LASIK Surgeons. These qualifications are based on experience (not just in LASIK but complete refractive care), research (including FDA approval studies for manufacturers and academic appointments at major universities), publications and lectures (to their peers, not to the public via infomercials) and patient care standards (treating other eye professionals and managing complications from patients first operated on by someone else).

All refractive surgeons listed at Trusted LASIK Surgeons have qualified, been accepted, and have subscribed to our services. For more information on why we believe consumers interested in LASIK should consider a surgeon listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeon's directory, please visit our website at

Source: PRWeb


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