Trabectome Promises Better Treatment For Gloucoma Patients

Trabectome is the new age treatment for the glaucoma patients in the USA. An ophthalmologist Rajesh Shetty, M.D has invented the procedure to treat the glaucoma patients in effective way. The minimally invasive procedure, is available at Mayo Clinic. It takes about 20 minutes and is designed to decrease pressure within the eye and stabilize the vision.

It is worthwhile to say that the glaucoma is one of the major reasons of blindness in the USA. It is a disease that causes irreversible damage to the optic nerve from increasing pressure within the eye. This occurs because the eye produces a clear fluid that does not drain adequately and raises the eye pressure. The first sign of glaucoma is a loss of peripheral vision that is usually not noticed by the patient until it affects the central vision. Unfortunately, vision lost to glaucoma can't be restored so treatment aims to reduce eye pressure to prevent further damage.

Traditionally, ophthalmologists first prescribe eye drops to reduce the eye pressure, and if that doesn't work, they can perform a laser procedure (trabeculoplasty) to the existing internal drainage canal around the base of the cornea. A more invasive treatment is trabeculectomy, a surgical technique to create a new drain for the eye. The Trabectome procedure uses a small probe that opens the eye's drainage system through a tiny incision in the eye's cornea.

So far, more than a dozen patients have had the procedure at Mayo Clinic in Florida. The treatment takes a little time and the patient takes nearly one or two weeks to recover.

"The goal of this procedure is to prevent further damage within the eye."

Source: Science Daily


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  1. saaid Says:

    I have POAG and use ordinary drops , But red that there is anew treatment for this POAG better than others ,
    can you please tel me more about it and how I can get that here ?



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