Top 5 winter care tips for eye patients wearing contact lens

It's winter time ! The dry days and frosty nights are back. While enjoying skating and ice-ball throwing in the snow the contact lens wearers must take special protection of their eyes.

It is often complained by many patients that their eye feels dry and tired.Worse still serious infection strikes which result in irritation and feeling of discomfort.

Some really valuable tips to avoid dry and irritable winter eyes are:

1) Constant blinking. If you blink often it would avoid straining your eyes while you focus on computer monitor.

2) Using disposable lenses regularly. These would keep your contacts moist and avoid it from getting associated with infective germs.

3) Implementing proper wear and care techniques. The daily routine of cleaning, disinfecting and storing contacts must be conducted as directed by eye care professional.

4) Cleaning hands. Hands must be properly cleaned with hot water and soap while handling contacts.

5) Wearing advanced contact lens.Newly designed contacts are available in the markets which can retain moisture and provide comfort to dry eyes.

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