Top 10 painful eye conditions at a glance

painful-eyeThe eye is known to be one of the most sensitive organs in the body. Parts of the eyes are covered with pain receptors, which are designed to protect these vital organs. The number and sensitivity of these pain receptors can cause them to react and send pain signals to the brain from such minor changes as a gust of cold air or a grain of sand.

According to eye experts today or tomorrow we will have to deal with painful eye conditions. It can be a very simple one that would resolves on its own, or it might be a serious kind of infection.

Eye pain can originate in the eye, its surrounding structures or in other parts of the head or body. It can range from gritty or dull to burning or stabbing, or may feel as if a foreign body is lodged in the eye.
Following are the list of painful conditions or disorders:

Conjunctivitis: It is a inflammation of the conjunctiva. Its a very common condition. Most of us have had experienced this condition. Conjunctiva is the ultra thin lining over the front of the eye and the inner side of the eyelids. Viral or bacterial infection or allergies could be the cause of infection. It includes itching and water discharge and pain.

Blepharitis: It occurs when there is inflammation or infection of the eyelid. A sensation of grit in the eyes, and sometimes pain, result.

Hordeolum or stye: Also known as a sty. It is painful infection or inflammation of the eyelid margin.

Foreign bodies: If there is any foreign body in the eye, it may create corneal abrasion and pain.

Corneal abrasions: Cornea is the clear outermost disc covering the eye that allows in focused light, it is the colored part of the eye and also known as iris. Scratch on cornea is known as abrasion. Cornea could be injured by foreign bodies at any time and could be very painful.

Corneal infections. The cornea itself can  become inflamed or infected by keratitis. Herpes zoster [] , or shingles.

Iritis: It is the colored part of the eye ball, any inflammation of irish is known as Iritis. Causes of iritis could be infection, trauma or autoimmune conditions. It is painful and could effect the vision.

Sinusitis:This is not a direct eye condition, it Is an inflammation of the sinus and nasal passages. But sinus infection usually causes pressure in the eyes and creates tremendous pain.

Optical Neuritis: Nerve that connecting the eye with the brain some times inflamed due to multiple sclerosis of other auto immune disease. This special condition is known as optical neuritis. It is very painful and may cause vision loss.

Acute angle closer glaucoma: In this type of glaucoma pressure inside the eye rises suddenly and causes severe eye pain, nausea, vomiting, headache, and decreased vision. This is an  emergency condition and immediate treatment is required to prevent blindness.

Eye pain can be sharp or dull, internal or external, constant or intermittent, stabbing or throbbing. As a general rule, if you have eye pain along with redness, you should consider this an emergency and either see your eye doctor or go to an emergency room or urgent care center right away.

If there is a constant eye pain, especially when moving your eyes or gently pushing on your eyes, it might be the indication of inflammation at the inner parts of the eye. In this situation contact your eye doctor as soon as possible for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Some times eye pain may occur along with some critical symptoms, which needs an immediate check up with an eye specialists, some of these symptoms are:

* Photophobia or extreme sensitivity to light
* Sensation of flashes or streaks of light
* Halos (seeing colored circles or halos around lights)
* Inclusion of new floaters ie, strings,spots, lines etc.
* Blur vision
* Double vision
* Limited eye movement
* Loss of vision(complete or partial)


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