Tips To Prevent Eye Infection

As tips to avoid eye infections, the doctors in Baharin, strongly suggested to avoid use of public swimming pools as they are a very common source to spread eye infections like eye flu or conjunctivitis. Also, they advise not to share the same face towels or flannels with the patients of the infected diseases.

However they assure the problem do not stay for long. As a suggestion to the affected people, doctors say the infected eyes should be washed with a warm solution of salt water and cotton wool, and one should remember to wipe the eyes from the bridge of the nose to the outer corner of the eye, and not the other way around. Doctors also suggest to use disposable paper handkerchiefs to wipe the eyes.

The tips from the doctors came as a response to the increasing number of eye infection cases in the country. Health Education director Dr Amal Al Jowder, says they receive many such cases these days. As suggestion to infected one, she said any antibiotic eye drops or creams, which are left over after the infection has cleared up, should be disposed off properly. Dr Al Jowder further said viral conjunctivitis is usually associated with the common cold and can spread rapidly between people. She also informs viral conjunctivitis, if not taken care of immediately, can affect the cornea, giving rise to a condition known as keratitis, and it can persist for several weeks. To conclude, she stressed the necessity to consult doctors for appropriate use of eye drop and to avoid any further problems.


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