Texas Medical Center determined to fight back children eye cancer

eye-cancerResearchers and physicians from Texas Children’s Cancer Center, the Children’s Cancer Hospital at The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the Methodist Hospital and Baylor College of Medicinea, have came together to to create the Retinoblastoma Centre of Houston to treat children who are suffering from the dreaded eye cancer.

The center will be the first of its kind in the southwest United States and is the only one in the nation using gene therapy in clinical trials to treat and potentially find a cure for retinoblastoma.

Retinoblastoma is rare and affects approximately 1 in 20,000 births worldwide. According to the National Cancer Institute, Retinoblastoma is type of cancer that forms in the tissues of the retina (the light-sensitive layers of nerve tissue at the back of the eye). Retinoblastoma usually occurs in children younger than 5 years. It may be hereditary or nonhereditary (sporadic).

Retinoblastoma affects about 350 infants and children in the United States each year and is the most common malignant tumor of the eye in children.

In the developed world, Rb has one of the best cure rates of all childhood cancers (95-98%), with more than nine out of every ten sufferers surviving into adulthood. Retinoblastoma is a very treatable cancer. (wikipedia)

According to the center clinical codirector Dr. Murali Chintagumpala, pediatric oncologist at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine, the new center will be able to deliver the highest quality patient care and conduct important research related to the diagnosis and treatment of retinoblastoma.

It is highly appreciated the way group of specialists join their hands to bring out the best care for all retinoblastoma patients. Being a rare disease, early detection and proper treatment can save our younger generations from blindness and help them to move towards a brighter future.

Source:Business Journal


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