Did you know that smoking can make you blind?

This is for those obsessive smokers, for whom the statutory warning does little to hike the apprehensions. Do you know smoking can lead you to complete loss of vision.

Out of the 4000 chemicals that run down your bloodstream due to smoking, there are those which have the potential to vex you into the world of darkness.

A number of eye problems may be associated with smoking. Starting with conjunctiva, the menace may end in complete blindness. Smoking can cause thinning of membrane covering the eye, and this leads to conjunctiva - irritation and bloodspot on the eyes. However, the most perilous effect of smoking is that it acts as a trigger for age-related muscular degeneration, which might cause irreversible loss of central vision.

Smoking is indispensably related to rise in interocular pressure that may result in glaucoma and damage to optic nerve. Adding to the line of eye ailments, smoking is also responsible forĀ  nuclear cataract and thyroid eye disease.

Well this is not all, there is more to be added to the horror story. With each puff of cigarette smoke thousands of chemicals running down you bloodstream affecting various parts of the body. These chemicals can cause severe damage to the macula(located in the center of retina) directly. These toxic chemicals can burst the tiny blood vessels of macula causing irreversible damage to the to the retina. In some cases, the cells of the macula may die gradually. Both of these damages eventually leads to permanent blindness. So quit smoking before its too late.

Source: TOI


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