Some useful tips while handling eye lenses

Report shows that spectacles inspite of their stylish and trendy look is loosing its value among the youths. This is because of new lenses that are evolving with more improved and simplified look.

With days contact lenses are becoming more convenient and comfortable than ever. Not only for style it is gaining votes for its materials from which it is made of. New materials that are being used in lenses are more healthier for eyes than spectacles. These materials allows more oxygen into the eye, making them more breathable and lively.

Even though lens have become more simplified over the years, but some responsibility is still to take during usage of lenses, like-

* Irrespective of lens type, one should wash his/her hands before even thinking about touching the eyes.

* Hands should be washed with antibacterial, basic soap as a lotion of soap may get deposited on the lenses.

* Lenses should be given first priority during makeup. Like one should first wear the lens and then should apply makeup and likewise on should take their lenses out before removing makeup.

* Extra care with eyeliner should be taken as while lining the eye from inner lid the oil glands may get rubbed onto the lenses causing an infection.



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