Relation Between Contact Lens and Flesh-Eating Bacteria

She fell asleep with her soft contact lenses in. Followomg morning, her left eye was beet red and hurt like it had been buffed with sandpaper. Clearly her cornea was scratched and she had the beginning of an eye infection.

The next day her eye was noticeably worse. She drove herself to a walk-in clinic. A doctor looked at me for about five minutes (which I got billed $85 for) and told her that she needed to drive immediately to see an eye specialist.

The news from the specialist was far worse thanshehad imagined. She had flesh-eating bacteria in her eye. Flesh-eating bacteria is actually a bit of a misnomer. The bacteria don’t eat flesh; the bacteria produce toxins that destroy flesh. The doctor told her if she had waited any longer the ulcer would have been too deep, and her eye would have had to have been removed.

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  1. Benni Says:

    This just emphasises the importance of contact lens care. Leaving contact lenses in for longer than recommend is so widespread. The sooner that companies figure out ways to extend the time a contact lens can be left in a persons eye the better.

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