How to Protect from Fusarium Keratitis

Fusarium <b>Keratitis</b>Guidelines for contact lens wearers to protect health of your eyes from fusarium keratitis, a rare eye infection, apparently caused by Renu lens solution, by following these guidelines from the American Optometric Association:

- Carefully and regularly clean contact lenses, as directed by an optometrist and the patient information included with lens care products.

- Rub the contact lenses with fingers and rinse thoroughly before soaking the lenses overnight in enough multi-purpose solution to completely cover the lens.

- Store lenses in the proper case and replace the lens storage case every three months. Clean the contact lens case after each use and keep the case open and dry between cleanings.

- Use the proper products to clean and disinfect contact lenses as recommended by your optometrist. Remember that saline solutions and rewetting drops are not designed to disinfect lenses.

- Only fresh solution should be used to clean and disinfect contact lenses. Never re-use old solution. Contact lens solution must be changed every day, even if the lenses are not used daily.

The American Optometric Association also recommends that when wearing or cleaning contact lenses:

- Do not use cream soaps to clean contact lenses. Cream soaps can leave a film on the hands that can be transferred to the lenses.

- Never put contact lenses in the mouth or moisten them with saliva, which is full of bacteria and a potential source of infection.

- Don't use tap water or homemade saline solutions. Improper use of solutions has been linked to a potentially blinding condition among soft contact lens wearers.

- Never use contacts that have not been prescribed by an eye doctor. Contact lens wearing is not an option for everyone; consult with an optometrist to see if it's an appropriate action.

Please contact an eye care professional immediately if they experience eye pain, discharge, unusual redness, light sensitivity or sudden blurry vision.

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However the first thing you should do obviously is to stop using ReNu contact lens solution.


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