Presbyopic LASIK A Better Option For Presbyopia Correction

A study presented at the meeting of the French Society of Ophthalmology shows that presby LASIK is the common soluiton for the presbyopia correction. This treatment is more popular than the multifocal IOLs that fails to show proper and satisfactory results. The multifocal IOLs are in fact bifocal and the intermediate vision is generally poor.

The study gives stressed the to assess the optical nature of the of multifocality in presbyopic LASIK patients. A number of tests, based on corneal topography and aberrometry, were performed. The total power map of the cornea shows an average addition zone, which is taking about 25% of the area of the entrance pupil in the patient and has a +3.8 D average power at the vertex. This shows that the patient sees with part of his entrance pupil for near and with the rest, which is about 75%, at distance.

Presbyopic LASIK is performed only in the non-dominant eye, which allows the fellow eye, either non-operated when Emmetropic or operated with hyperopic LASIK, to have adequate distance vision. Aberrometry was performed with the Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix Zywave system.

Source: OSN Supersite


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