Presby-LASIK Cures Hyperopia


Bruce W. Jackson, MD, and colleagues has performed presby-LASIK on 28 hyperopic patients and observed that it results in good near and distant vision.

Surgery involved applying bilateral aspheric ablations to treat patients' presbyopia. Surgeons then performed a CustomVue (Advanced Medical Optics) hyperopic treatment with a central presbyopic ablation, creating a central near vision ablation profile, Dr. Jackson said.

At 6 months, 86% of patients had 20/20 binocular distance uncorrected visual acuity, and all patients had 20/40, Dr. Jackson said. For uncorrected near visual acuity, 90% achieved J1 and all patients achieved J3, which was the target vision. Overall, patients were satisfied with their outcomes, he noted.

"We think this procedure is a good alternative for young presbyopes with low refractive error, especially those who don't want intraocular surgery," he said.

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