Powerful ointment to fight herpes virus invented

Herpes simplex virus type 2 causes genital herpes, a sexually transmitted disease. It can also cause eye infection in some people.

Herpes eye infection is characterized by swollen eyelid, redness, pain or discomfort in the eye, pain when looking into bright light, watering eyes and blurred eyesight. It can infect cornea, conjunctiva. The infection probably vanishes in a couple of weeks. But there's a chance it could cause more serious problems that might damage your eyesight.

Usually , antiviral eye drops such as aciclovar is prescribed. Other treatments include corneal graft operation.

The ointment which has been recently formulated and successfully tested on mice by US scientists will be effective in preventing infections caused by the herpes simplex virus due to unprotected sex.

The new treatment uses a technique called RNA interference (RNAi) that disables key genes needed for transmission of the virus. It delivers a molecular two-punch knockout, blocking both the virus's ability to replicate and invade cells.

Hopefully there will be no more fear from herpes virus. But always remember that prevention is better than cure.



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