Phillips Eye Institute, Minneapolis, Cleared of Violations

Philips Eye Institute of Minneapolis, has finally cleared its allegations over the issue of sterilization of its surgical products. The investigation by the Office of Health Facility Complaints prompted the hospital to spend more than $2 million to upgrade its equipment. The president of the hospital, David Orbuch, denied to have any such problems and also claimed that the hospital has lowest infection rates in the country.

The state agency, on the other hand said that the hospital uses flash sterilization, which the agency has found, not good enough. It suggested a more thorough sterilization process instead. It can be mentioned that the proposed process exposes surgical tools to steam heat for an hour, while the flash sterilization process only takes 10 minutes. The report also said that the hospital could lose Medicare funding if the problem is not corrected.

As their defense, the hospital authority said that they follow the same sterilization process that others in the country use. The standards were designed for general hospitals, which have a greater risk of infection. The authority also told that they have been employing the same process for last 20 years. To conclude Phillips reported only four infections in more than 10,000 surgeries in 2007.
Source: Star


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