Organ donation by octogenarian woman helps three live

NEW DELHI - An octogenarian woman has become one of the oldest organ donors in the country as her family consented to donate her liver and cornea following her death, officials here said Wednesday.

Gyan Kaur, 82, died Tuesday. She was the widow of late Tarlok Singh, a retired honorary lieutenant of the Indian Army.

'Her liver gave a second life to the father of a serving officer who was suffering from terminal liver failure, and both her corneas gave eyesight to two needy patients,' a statement by the Army Research and Referral Hospital here said.

This was the third multiple organ donation at the hospital this year and the 18th since the inception of the organ donation programme in the Armed Forces in April 2007.

With over 3,000 armed forces personnel having already pledged their organs for donation in the event of brain death, the awareness about organ donation in the armed forces has been exemplary.

'This (mass donation) is a result of the relentless awareness campaign launched by the Armed Forces Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Authority (AORTA) to promote organ donation within the armed forces,' the statement added.


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