Ophthalmologists of Cuba found a superior technique for orbital tumor surgery

Cuban ophthalmologists explained about the successful new technique of orbital tumor surgery at the Fourteenth Cuban Ophthalmology Conference and Sixth  International Ophthalmology Conference.

Dr. Carlos Mendoza Santiesteban, head of neuro-ophthalmology services at the Ramón Pando Ferrer Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology, explained that the new technique is actually a minimum access technique that could remove large tumors both benign and malignant  through small subconjunctival incisions.

Previously orbital tumors which is found behind the eye globe, had been removed using different trans-skull complicated techniques. But the advantages of this new technique include minimum invasion and speedy patient recovery.

For these minimal-access surgeries, eye surgeons select an entrance point which is in between the eye and the conjuntiva, to avoid massive trans-skull surgeries. Surgeons use state-of-the-art technology consisting of precise new endoscopic systems and cutting, coagulation and aspiration systems.

According to Dr.Mendoza, the first minimal-access orbital tumor surgery was carried out two years ago. Till date more than 25 surgeries have been carried out and specialists have gained enough experience. Now they are ready and with the acquisition of equipment and adequate training, it could soon be offered across the country.

Source: acn


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