Open angle glaucoma - the thief in the night

496-17-tnAre your watery eyes blurring your vision? Do you lie in the age group 50 up and having diabetes mellitus or suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and have myopic eyes? Check whether you are suffering from open angle glaucoma.

Mrs. Gupta a victim of open angle glaucoma will let you know about the disease since she is a victim of it and we interviewed her about her complications.

Mrs. Gupta (G): In the initial stages it felt like nothing just water used to come out profusely from eyes and I did not give it importance thinking that it is some type of allergy. It was same for about two years when I discovered that I am suffering from glaucoma, as I went for a checkup in Dr. Reddy's chamber for a routine eye power testing.

Reporter (R): What did he tell about the risks related to it?

G: Nothing much its a silent thief which can surely steal your vision. Its not as casual as said. The disease is seriously of concern. It doesn't allow you to know that you are affected and it damages your eye gradually. You might come across the chronicity when you have nothing left to do with.

R: Then what is the remedy Dr. Reddy prescribed you?

G: He asked me to undergo a lasik surgery and he is very deft in that. I rely him a lot.

R: What is the disease all about?

G: Me being a non technical person can say you only what I heard from my doctor. He said that our eyes have a drainage system, and tha watery fluid that is produced in our eye, is drained out through an opening from behind the eyeball. Now if some how the balance of production of fluid to the drained is lost it leads to glaucoma resulting increase in eye pressure inside and making your eye ball pushed out.

R: Have you asked doctor about the difference it shares with closed angle glaucoma?

G: Oh yes, I asked him that. In closed angle glaucoma the drain opening becomes smaller, and thus not supporting good drainage. While in open angle the opening remains unaffected, but drainage system suffers since the production of fluids become much more than what it drains normally.

R: Any remedies he has prescribed?

G: No. Presently there is no such remedies except get to the doctor as quickly as possible and start taking up drops as prescribed by him, to avoid complication of surgery.

R: Thank you for sharing the information for our readers hope you get well soon.

G: Welcome, and a thing to add which I missed is that open angle glaucoma is more chronic than others of its type.

So, these were a few tips shared by Mrs Gupta about open angle glaucoma and how to get cured. If you still have questions and any other relevant informations needed please do reply to us. We will be at your service.


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