Office based eye exercise programme can solve vision problems effectively

Prescribing spectacles or lenses to improve vision quality is like giving a stick to a person whose leg is defective. In both the cases situation improves but not cured.

Normal vision is essential for carrying out our day-to-day activities efficiently. Defective vision is a handicap and total loss of it is not only a personal tragedy but a national loss one too.

According to Dr. Janice Wensveen, clinical associate professor at the University of Houston's College of Optometry, eye exercises [] are used to treat a variety of vision disorders,

It's like using a physical trainer or a physical therapist to work with the patient to ensure that you do make progress toward being able to use your eyes comfortably and efficiently.

One of the most effective and at home exercise is "pencil push-up therapy", where patients visually follow a small letter on a pencil as they moved the pencil closer to the nose. The goal is to be able to keep the letter clear and single until it touches your nose.

A related study by National Eye Institute found that office-based treatment for patients with a common eye muscle coordination disorder, along with at-home reinforcement, is more effective than home-based programs in isolation.

Most of the patients feels that the eye exercise can surely help while doing it in the doctors office, but at home it is very boring, and most of them discontinue after doing it for few days.

The research, reported in the Archives of Ophthalmology, involved more than 200 young people with a condition known as convergence insufficiency, which likely affects between 5 percent and 20 percent of the population, depending on the definition used and the age group studied.

While most eye care professionals treat convergence insufficiency using only home-based therapy, the NEI results indicated approximately 75 percent of patients treated both in the office and at home reported fewer and less severe symptoms related to reading and other close-up work.

Source: Eurekalert


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