Ocular diseases can be cured by new drug - VEGF Trap-Eye

vegf-trap-eyeLatest study proves that particular dose of new drug named "VEGF Trap-Eye" on an as-needed basis can cure devastating ocular diseases.

This was concluded by undergoing a phase-two study done by Bayer Healthcare AG and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. The trail involve patients suffering from wet age-related Macular degeneration who were provided with medicine VEGF Trap-Eye as-needed basis.

The results when taken out after 52 weeks showed highly significant improvements in the retinal thickness and vision gain.

This VEGF Trap-Eye has a strong potential to fulfil a significant unmet medical need in eye treatment, says Dr George Yancopoulos, President of Regeneron Research Laboratories.

Source: https://www.hayspharma.com/


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