No more cornea transplant surgery for keratoconus patients

Here is a good news for all those suffered by keratoconus. Finally an eye drop for them which is expected to save them from the pain of cornea transplant.

A clinical trial is testing a new treatment called CXL. Drops of riboflavin, or vitamin B2, are applied to the cornea in phases. An ultraviolet light activates the drops.

CXL is also being tested on a similar eye condition called ecstasia, which happens when people with weak corneas get Lasik surgery to correct their vision. International trials show CXL slows the progression of both conditions, which cause 15 percent of cornea transplants. Ten sites across the nation are recruiting participants for clinical trials of the new treatment.

Source: FOX12


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  1. david e stewart Says:

    I have developed ectasia after lasik surgery in 2001. I also have floppy eyelid syndrome which was surgically corrected about a month ago.. After the eyelid surgery I am unable to keep any contacs in my eyes. They move all over my sclera and pop out. I’ve lost about 6 of them in 6 weeks. Does anyone have a plan for me?

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