Nike’s Amber-Tinted Contact Lenses Help Players to See Ball Clearer

They're amber-tinted contact lenses, made for athletes by Nike. They are growing in popularity among area baseball players, both amateurs and professionals.

Caligiuri is one of several B-Mets players to wear them, including relief pitcher Eddie Camacho and former B-Met Bobby Malek, who was recently called up to Triple-A Norfolk.

The players who wear the lenses swear by them, saying they reduce glare and make the baseball easier to see. Even if the lenses do make them look like they just flew in from the West coast.

The lenses — which are made by Bausch and Lomb and sold under the Nike brand — are like sunglasses, only in contact lens form. There are two colors available. Amber lenses, the ones worn by Edmondson and Caligiuri, are made for sports like baseball and football. Gray ones are available for golf and running.

The lenses don't help during night games, when it's dark and glare isn't an issue, nor do they let you look directly at the sun.

But they are effective at reducing the sun's glare off stadium signs and seats during afternoon games.

With the background glare reduced, it's easier for the lens wearers to see the ball — giving them a bit of an edge at the plate.

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