New Science And Technology Make Cataract Surgery More Dependable

The cataract surgery is gaining popularity world wide. The treatment promises to be both fast and effective. Also the newly invented technique called C-MICS (Co-axial Micro Incision cataract surgery) promises more accuracy and safety. This revolutionary technique of cataract removal is done with a state of art equipment called Stellaris Vision Enhancement System, launched recently all over the world.

It was not long ago that Cataract surgery would put patients off their daily routine for more than weeks with the eyes strapped in swathes of bandage. But now cataract surgery has given reasons to make every one smile.

Cataract is the opacity in the lens of the eye, which normally occurs with age. The normal lens in the human eye is transparent and allows light to reach the retina. When it becomes opaque (cataract) usually with ageing, light does not reach the retina and the patient is unable to see clearly.

This technique of MICS has made the cataract surgery extremely safe, painless, speedy and completely accurate.

This new surgical procedure involves the C- MICS (Coaxial - micro incision cataract surgery) through a 1.6 mm – 1.8 mm incision with the implantation of a 3rd generation ultra thin foldable Intra-ocular lens called MIL (Micro incision Intra ocular Lens) using the most advanced cataract removal system in the world called "The Stellaris Vision Enhancement System."

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  1. Gautam G Says:


    How much would be the approximate cost for carrying out this MICS surgery (Co-axial Micro Incision cataract surgery)?

    Gautam Gaikwad

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