New guidelines for treatment of retinopathy of prematurity proved better

The new method to treat the retinopathy of prematurity has been published. The study, titled The Early Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity study, established new guidelines that are proved to be better than the earlier ones. Here are the details:

A retrospective chart review was performed using records of infants who had laser ablations weight; estimated gestational age (EGA); grading of ROP; date of laser ablation; and outcome of laser surgery. for ROP performed from January, 2000 through December, 2005.Data collected included date of birth; birthUnivariate association with threshold or prethreshold treatment (Pre-ETROP and Post-ETROP, respectively) were assessed using t-tests or Wilcoxon tests.

The researchers come to the conclusion that after the ETROP guidelines were implemented, there was a decrease from 10.3% to 1.9% of eyes developing Stage 5 retinal detachment, despite this group having a lower average EGA and lower average birth weight. These results underscore the importance of adoption of the Revised Indications.

Source: 7th Space


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