New ground breaking eye treatment that can delay AMD and restore blindness

Prof-John-MarshallEminent senior ophthalmologist at King's college London, professor John Marshall, who was famous for leading the way to find the laser eye surgery procedure to cure short sightedness, yet again successfully established a new laser technique which could prevent blindness effectively.

Professor John Marshall's new laser technique can delay the onset of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), which is the leading cause of blindness for millions who are over-sixties in the western world.

This new painless "short pulse" laser process is a way that effectively cleans the accumulated tiny particles of debris that usually cloud the ageing eyes of older people's.

Prof Marshall believes the treatment delayed the effect of ageing without damaging other cells. He hopes the treatment will be available in two to five years.

The new technique stimulate youthfulness in Bruch's membrane, a thin membrane behind the retina, by helping nutrients to enter retina without any obstruction and successfully prevent the death of retinal cells that lead to AMD derived blindness.

In a clinical trial with more than 100 diabetics, Marshall found that focusing a laser beam on one part of the retina helps stimulate the release of enzymes, which then set about cleaning up the waste material. Participants reported this led to a marked improvement in their sight.

Marshall is now looking forward to conduct clinical trials with patients who have already received treatment of AMD in one eye. Treating the other eye with the new technique will clearly evaluate the procedure. He hope that it will prove that treating the patient's other eye will delay the onset of AMD by as longer asĀ  seven years.



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  1. David Gershon Says:

    I’m David (67) been suffering from Glaucoma since 1972.
    went through several surgeries in each eye. my iop is fine in both eyes, corrently my biggest is my left diseased endothelial cornea.
    Doctors believe, due to the long eye history, there is no use for < corneal transplantation. my question for you sir. is there any stem cell treatment for my problem?
    thank you for your answer

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