New CXL eye treatment save the eye sight of US gold medalist

Steven-HolcombA new breakthrough treatment save American pilot Steven Holcomb (who won the first bobsled gold medal ever for the United States in that event in 50 years) who was going blind due to a dangerous  eye condition known as keratoconus.

Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of the eye in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and change to a more conical shape than its normal gradual curve.

Keratoconus can cause substantial distortion of vision, with multiple images, streaking and sensitivity and finally blindness. Steve was slowly going blind.

At present  keratoconus  are medically untreatable, corneal transplantation is necessary to get rid of these conditions.
Keratoconus share almost fifteen percent of the total corneal transplantation in US.

But a new amazing treatment which is called crosslinking or CXL ,a quick painless simple procedure in which a vitamin solution is combined with light help restore Steve's eye sight.

Corneal collagen crosslinking with Riboflavin (CXL) is an experimental treatment for the two eye conditions.

Preliminary results have shown CXL can effectively stabilizes eyes. International clinical trials have also found CXL can stop the progression of keratoconus and ecstasia and improve vision.

The crosslinking process is amazingly simple, it takes only 30 minutes to perform collagen crosslinking treatment. During the treatment, after removing the corneal epithelium, custom-made riboflavin or vitamin eye drops are applied to the cornea, which is then activated by ultraviolet light using a specialized goggle with LED lights to joins or links the collagen molecules in the cornea.

According to Steve:
It was painless, it was quick, it was easy, and I laid down and Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler started working and doing his thing and I had no idea. And has soon as he said, 'well, we're done,' and that was it and I sat up and sure enough I could see better than I've ever seen before.

According to some European study the long lasting effects of CXL procedure is established. Researchers have followed the participants for eight years after they had the CXL procedure. Currently this procedure received approval in Europe.


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  1. Steven Holcomb Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I hope it will help educate people about the procedure and what it can do.

    Steven Holcomb

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