Motion-induced blindness:the real story

ophthalmologic-healthcareScientists at the University of Queensland has discovered the actual truth behind motion-induced blindness. This is a form of visual illusion in which moving objects make stationary objects vanish right in front of our eyes.

Previously experts believed that it was a failure our visionary system. They held brain responsible for this mistake.

But recent findings suggest that it is a trick played by the brain to help us see moving objects clearly. The study has been reported in the journal Current Biology.

Actually, a vast portion of our brain concentrates on visual input. When we see something the image reaches our brain for interpretation. The interesting part is that our eye is like a camera with slow shutter speed. Hence it creates streaks when we view moving objects. This confuses our brain.

So in such a situation, in order to assure crystal cut visibility of moving objects, brain literally rubs off the stationary ones. This is definitely not blindness, its just a helpful act on the part of brain to improve vision quality.

Source: The Hindu


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