Macular degeneration now restricted by lucentis treatment

corasladeapex_468x656Caroline Tate of Charlotte can see her grandchildrens' faces, and enjoys the gift of vision that Lucentis has given her. In 2005 she was diagnosed to have macular degeneration. Read the success story of a brave woman who was determined to fight it out.

In 2005, Caroline Tate of Charlotte was diagnosed with a form of macular degeneration, an age-related condition that caused her mother to go blind years earlier. Hoping to avoid that fate, the retired clinical research nurse began laser treatments, which failed to halt progress of the disease. Then, Tate agreed to participate in trials for a drug treatment called Lucentis.

What is Lucentis?

LUCENTIS is an FDA-approved treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD). LUCENTIS is an injection given into the eye. Before you get your LUCENTIS injection, your eye will be prepped—or cleaned thoroughly—to help you avoid eye infections. Then your retina specialist will numb your eye to limit any discomfort you might feel. Many people who get injections for wet AMD feel some pressure on their eye. Most of the time this pressure is all you will feel. After your retina specialist gives you the injection, the pressure should go away.
Important facts about LUCENTIS:

  • It is FDA approved for wet AMD and was developed specifically for use in the eye
  • Efficacy and safety of LUCENTIS was tested in clinical studies of more than 800 people over 2 years
  • In clinical studies, patients treated monthly for up to 2 years saw their vision stabilize or improve. In fact, 9 out of 10 people saw their vision stabilize (which means they lost fewer than 15 letters on the eye chart), and up to 4 out of 10 people saw a 3-line gain on the eye chart (which means they could see an additional 15 letters).

lucentisLucentis though is not potent to cure macular degeneration, but it has been able to restrict it. As described by Mrs. Tate, macular degeneration is almost like cancer which has no cure, but with Lucentis you can be sure that complications will not be aggravated.

Lucentis is delivered in the form of injections which is to be taken in continual basis, will the complications do not stop spreading. The injections are also very costly as reported by Mrs. Tate, a $2200 per shot.

Though treatment promises to restrict the spread of the disease, but in most of the cases it has been reported to revert back. Now, since there is no safe treatment against Macular degeneration, Lucentis is the best option available. Still a lot of developments in Lucentis has to be brought out, to find a cure, rather a restriction.


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