Lasik Expert’s Reviewed the Importance of ‘Pupil Size’ in Connection With Lasik & Other Laser Eye Surgeries

Dr. James Salz ( co-written with Dr. William Trattleran an article entitled “Pupil Size and Corneal Laser Surgery” in the August 2006 issue of Current Opinion in Ophthalmology on refractive surgery.

In the article, Dr. Salz and Dr. Trattler reviewed recent findings on the role of scotopic pupil size as a factor in predicting night vision complaints from patients who have had laser surgery operations such as Lasik.

According to Dr. Salz, this article reviews the current thinking on the importance of pupil size. Many patients with large nighttime pupils have night vision complaints following laser refractive surgery procedures such as LASIK. Laser eye surgeons should measure the pupils of prospective patients accurately in a dark room and advise them of a potential increased risk if their pupils are larger than normal. This course of action is an important aspect of the informed consent process. Wavefront-based laser eye treatments, which can include LASIK, have reduced the incidence of these complaints compared to conventional treatments. Patients who do not improve with time can often be helped with eye drops, which can reduce the pupil size for several hours.

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