Laser surgery proved better than steroid injection for diabetic macular edema

A new report published on the laser surgery has proved that new treatment is not always better than the old one. The report says that laser surgery is surely the better option for treating diabetic macular edema than that of new intraocular steroid injection.

Diabetic macular edema is the swelling of the retina in diabetes mellitus due to leaking of fluid from blood vessels within the retinal central position. Intravitreal injection of triamcinolone effectively reduces macular thickening due to diffuse diabetic macular edema, but for short term.

Treating of Diabetic macular edema by laser treatment is called as focal laser treatment. This treatment treats the disease permanently with less side effects. In this treatment doctor places up to several hundred small laser burns in the areas of retinal leakage surrounding the macula. These burns slow the leakage of fluid and reduce the amount of fluid in the retina. The surgery is usually completed in one session.



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