Laser-based therapy enables eye surgeons to operate and reduce glaucoma safe and effectively

IOPtima, a subsidiary of Bio-Light Life Science Investments says it's  successful completion of human clinical study using the company's OT134 device and procedure has proven safe and effective for reducing internal eye pressure without penetrating the eye membrane.

It has successfully completed a twelve-month follow-up period for an  human clinical study of glaucoma treatment in Mexico and India, using the company's OT134 device and procedure.

The company's OT134 carbon dioxide laser ablate the scleral membrane to an optimal thickness that allows percolation of intraocular fluid.

Dr. Joshua Degani, CEO IOPtima, claimed, that their system is highly accepted in glaucoma treatment due to it's-

  • ability to long time maintenance of reduced IOP level, and
  • high safety level.

Combined results showed an average reduction in IOP from 25.5 mm Hg to 14.6 mm Hg (43%). Data also showed that the procedure reduced the average number of glaucoma medications from 2.6 to 0.6.

The procedure kept IOP below 18 mm Hg regardless of medication use in 95% of patients and under 18 mm Hg with no additional medications in 67% of patients.

Goal of IOPtima

  • To achieve the effect of non-penetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS) surgery while removing the risk of perforating the membrane and minimizing the risk of perforating the scleral tissue via its CO2 laser-based system which is self-terminating once the desired scleral thickness has been achieved.
  • To make non-penetrating deep sclerectomy surgery accessible to all eye surgeons in a safe, fast and cost effective manner.

Source: BioOpticsWorld


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