Is there any natural treatment for uveitis?

Is steroid eye drops, the only way to treat uveitis?
Whether there is any natural alternative for uveitis?
These are the obvious questions that arise in patients mind when suffering from disease like Uveitis.

For the first time Dr Andrew Weil, M.D on his website is going to answer such questions.

Dr Andre, reveals that antibiotics and conventional eye drops are two medicines that are currently used for treating Uveitis. Antibiotics are the drugs which works mainly in infectious case. It should be taken when uveitis is caused due to infections.

Other than antibiotics, conventional treatment which is often prescribed to the patients, are steroid eye drops. These steroid eye drops are used to ease the inflammation, in conjunction with drops that dilate the pupils (to prevent scarring).

He says that, steroid drops are not curative medicine, these are suppressive and so these should be used for short-term therapy to reduce symptoms but not for longer time periods.

He strongly suggests to opt natural treatment rather than using steroids. According to him, natural treatment includes mind and body approaches. These approaches helps the body to modify abnormal immune function associated with healing. For body approach he suggests healthy diet like, vegetables, fruit, fish and whole grains. He also suggests taking Zyflamend, a natural anti-inflammatory product that contains ginger, turmeric, green tea and other herbs. These products helps in moderating inflammation associated with autoimmune diseases. An antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplement formulated for eye health can also be used. For symptoms like sensitivity to light, he strongly suggests to use dark glasses.

Uveitis is an uvea inflammation in the middle layer of eye between retina and outer sclera. The uvea, or uveal tract, includes the iris and the dark, pigmented area called as choroid, which contains a jellylike vitreous humor, as well as blood vessels that ferry blood and nutrients into and out of the eye.

Uveitis mainly causes due to autoimmunity, but sometime it is also caused due to infection with the herpes virus or other germs, such as those to blame for syphilis, toxoplasmosis and tuberculosis. It is also caused due to stress.

Symptoms include redness and pain in the eyes, or painless blurring of vision, light sensitivity and floaters (annoying spots or lines in your visual field).

Unchecked inflammation of the uvea can lead to loss of vision and accounts for as much as 10 percent of cases of blindness in the United States.

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