Innovative ophthalmic lens support system increase the success rate of cataract surgery

Latest news reveals the development of more advanced support system that will stabilize the lens before or during the cataract surgery. This new system is supposed to be a breakthrough as by preventing the movement of the lens in the eye back it will increase the success rate of cataract surgery.

Elements of the eye, such as vitreous body or the lens capsule, can shift as the cataract is removed. Vitreous body, a clear gel that fills the eyeball behind the lens, can move into the front of the eye when the lens is not fully supported. This movement can lead to several complications such as capsule tears, zonular dialysis, and dislocation of the lens into the back of the eye.

This new lens support system, which consists of a cannula and a piston avoids such situations to happen by supporting the back.

This new discovery is been made by Timothy Page, M.D., a Beaumont ophthalmologist of Beaumont Hospital. Beaumont Commercialization Center, a medical technology development company within Beaumont Hospitals,will soon make it available for licensing.



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