Indian eye hospital launched bladeless Zyoptix lasik technology for corneal surgery

Lotus Eye Care Hospital (Coimbatore, India) launched this 1.5 crore equipment to treat conical cornea and corneal transplant with a 100-percent blade-free technology. It is a fully integrated personalized correction system that helps patients achieves better quality vision.

Zyoptix is the very latest development in laser eye treatement from Bausch and Lomb.

Through wavefront-guided customised ablation, this latest advancement in refractive surgery enables the treatment to be personalised to individual patient. Higher order aberration, ie irregularities of the eye can be diagnosed with the aberrometer/machine and the treatment will then be calculated using an advanced software.

According to Dr Selva K Sundaramurthy, Chairman and ophthalmic surgeon of Lotus Eye Care H ospital, the Intralase Lasik/Zyoptix Laser technology equipment enables creating a corneal flap without a blade touching the eye in contrast to the conventional Lasik Zyoptik procedure.

He also added that, this 100-per cent-blade-free technology helped the doctor easily separate the tissue where the bubbles occur and then folds it back. When the procedure is complete, a flap created is uniquely able to lock back into place and eye begins to heal faster.

As per survey Intralase Lasik/Zyoptix Laser technology equipment delivered :

  • outstanding results
  • better quality of vision overall,
  • better wound healing
  • enhanced safety
  • It is virtually painless
  • enhance faster visual recovery
  • It can detect and treat very small vision errors
  • Zyoptix means that laser eye treatment is now unique to each eye. With Zyoptix, treatement is designed specifically to treat your individual vision erors.

Source: Business Line


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  1. lasik eye surgery Says:

    That’s an interesting and welcome news, especially for the people of Coimbatore.

    However, the post could have been more helpful if an approximate cost of this blade-free surgery was given. I would have also appreciated if a brief comparison of IntraLase (bladeless corrective eye surgery) and Zyoptix was included.

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