Indian doctor successfully treats Senile cataract in Pomeranian

Senile cataract, is the major eye disease that occurs less frequently in dogs than in humans. Very recently, an Indian family have experienced it in their 13 year old Pomeranian,Tommy.

Tommy kept bumping into things in its way. Only then his master S. Jaganathan, a gastroenterologist, was worried for it, and took it for an examination.The veterinary surgeon diagnosed cataract in both eyes. And one of them was surgically corrected here on Wednesday. The procedure was performed by G. Bhaskararajan, ophthalmologist.

Tommy is now back at its best, moving briskly around the house. In this temple city renowned for its traditiondin of eye care, at least two similar procedures have been conducted in recent times, according to medical sources. These sources said that canine cataract could be caused either due to old age or diabetes.

Source: The Hindu


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