How to Determine Appropriate Contact Lenses

Different contact lenses suit different people and there are many factors which determine which the best ones are for each individual and indeed whether they are appropriate at all.

Although it is always best to seek advice from an optometrist, has put together a guide to help people choose the right type of lenses for them.

You may appreciate the following points :

1. Lifestyle and Contact Lenses

Your lifestyle can play an important part in determining which type of contact lenses would be most suitable for you.

For instance, if you use a computer all day at work and play a sport once or twice a week then you might consider wearing glasses during the day and daily disposable lenses when you exercise.

Computer use can dry your eyes out and because contact lenses can also have a drying effect, you glasses might be most suitable for work. However, daily disposable lenses will be easier to play sport in than glasses as they will not slip or steam up. Monthly disposable lenses require a lot of cleaning and looking after and may not be used often enough to make them worthwhile if you only wear your lenses for a few hours or days each week.

If you want to wear your contact lenses socially a daily disposable progressive lens, or monovision system might be best. However, jet-setters might find glasses most suitable as contact lenses inevitably dry out whilst flying.

2. Contact Lenses and Allergies

If you suffer from hayfever, asthma or eczema you might find contact lenses uncomfortable. This is because allergies can make your eyes very sensitive which causes them to react to any protein or dirt that might get on the lenses.

If you have allergies but want to wear contact lenses, daily disposable lenses are probably the best ones to use and you should try and only wear them up to three times a week.

3. Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes

If you have particularly dry eyes you might find contact lenses that mainly contain silicone helpful. You should also use preservative-free contact lens comfort drops.

4. Contact Lenses and Hygiene

If you have a job or hobby which means that your fingernails get dirty, or if you smoke then daily disposable lenses are likely to be best for you. Daily disposable lenses, as the name suggests, are replaced every day which means that you do not have to worry about cleaning and handling them.

5. Contact Lenses and Busy Jobs

if you have a demanding job which means that you have to stay up all night (for example fire fighters and A&E doctors) extended wear lenses are often prescribed. This is because these lenses can be worn continuously for a certain period of time.

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